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Stepping Stones – Career Pathways

Australia’s dairy farmers are highly-skilled professionals who are proud and passionate about their industry. The Australian dairy industry offers a large variety of fulfilling careers and education opportunities that can help people progress through a dairy career.

Stepping Stones provides information on the different types of careers on a dairy farm and explores the different pathways available for people who are either looking to start a career on a dairy farm, or for experienced people who want to progress their dairy career further.

The important thing about planning a career is that you need to choose the best pathway for you. Stepping Stones has dairy farmer case studies, advice on dairy careers and progression and great career tips from farmers.

Whether you want work on a dairy farm or own your own property, Stepping Stones can help you find the pathway to achieve your career goal.

Learn more about stepping stones and download the resources here.


CCC---FarmCows Create Careers

Cows Create Careers is for secondary school students to promote education and career opportunities in the dairy industry.

Learn more about this innvoative program and its different module here.