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Dairy Herd Model 3


Dairy herd model assists advisers and farmers in the process of phasing and sizing a dairy herd expansion. Starting with an initial herd, the model uses 20 different death, culling and reproduction factors to estimate future numbers of animals in different age classes in monthly increments.

The model will determine the effect of different factors on herd size and structure each year. Some classes of animals can be bought into the herd and also removed from the herd at different times. Results can be viewed as simple or complex tables and graphs. Different modelled herds can be compared. Data can be exported to Excel and Word.


How do I get a copy?

Download for 971 kb

  1. Download the installation file
  2. Unzip this file, a new directory will be DHM3Install
  3. Double click on the file DHM3Install.exe and follow the prompts to install