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Animal Health and diseases


Johne’s disease and Biosecurity for the Queensland Dairy Industry – Frequently Asked Questions


Acidosis  68kb
Buffalo fly control  95kb
Buffalo fly – Build a buffalo fly trap   387kb
Bloat  63kb
Botulism  70kb
Clostridial diseases (tetanus, malignant odema, blackleg, enterotoxaemia and black disease)  74kb
Colibacillosis  74kb
Internal parasites (worms)  101kb
Ketosis  64kb
Leptospirosis  74kb
Mastitis and On-Farm Milk Cultures – STDairy Article Part 1 – On-Farm Milk Culture Study – Comparison of Culture Results 520kb
Milk fever  59kb
Q fever
Three day sickness (Bovine ephemeral fever)  71kb
Ticks – control for dairy cattle  90kb
Ticks – Reducing cattle tick treatments by strategically utilising feedpads  63kb
Tick fever
Vaccination  71kb
Vibriosis  71kb

A-Z list of significant animal pests and diseases – Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry