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Subtropical Dairy is the dairy industry development body for Australia’s northern dairying region. It is one of eight regional development groups across Australia’s and aims to help advance the industry in the region.

Subtropical Dairy has been operating since 1996 to guide the strategic direction and implementation of dairy research, education and promotion programs in the region.

Subtropical Dairy is funded by Dairy Australia and the dairy service levy. The subtropical dairy region extends from Kempsey in NSW to the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland. This region has a variety of environmental, climatic and production conditions which pose some unique challenges to dairy farming.

Our Mission

“The Subtropical Dairy Program fosters a collaborative and unified approach to farm viability, by facilitating research and extension, improving technology and empowering people in the industry.”

Our Vision

“The subtropical dairy industry is a profitable, sustainable and market focussed industry practicing responsible resource management and offering a fulfilling lifestyle to adaptable professional people.”

Key areas of operation

Subtropical Dairy’s strategic priorities are:

  • Natural Resource Management
  • Human Resources
  • Animal Health and Welfare
  • Business Management
  • Feed systems Management
  • Communication


Subtropical Dairy Strategic Plan 2017 – 2022 1.5mb

Sunshine Coast Dairy Industry: Developing an Industry Strategic Plan 7.7mb

The Northern Dairy Industry Factsheet 1.8 mb

Subtropical Action Plan  1.2mb

Annual Reports

Management and Governance

Business aspects of the organisation are overseen by the Board.

Regional Groups

The size and spread of the Subtropical Dairy area has led to the establishment of the Regional Groups. Each group can focus on issues specific to their own region and farming systems. Subtropical Dairy provides funding opportunities for regions through its funding of small projects. The Regional Groups propose their own projects which are submitted for assessment.