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Rearing Healthy Calves in the Subtropics



Good calf rearing techniques are the key to a profitable herd. How to rear these calves successfully is the focus of this podcast series which follows the Dairy Australia guide to calf management. There are nine episodes in this series which aim to discuss each chapter of this guide.

Local veterinary Dr Justin Schooth (Gympie Vet Services) is the presenter for the podcast series which is hosted by Vivienne McCollum (Subtropical Dairy). Dr Schooth is an accredited Dairy Australia “Rearing Healthy Calves” trainer and is highly experienced in the question of “how to raise calves that thrive” .

For further information about Rearing Healthy Calves or to download or request a copy of the guide please visit the Dairy Australia Calf Welfare page.

Rearing Healthy Calves

01. Pre - Calving Care

A healthy calf starts with a healthy cow

02. Clean comfortable environment

Rear calves in clean and comfortable conditions

03. Identification and Traceability

Keep accurate and complete records for all calves

04. Colostrum Management

Colostrum is essential for all calves

05. Good Nutrition

A health start and a productive future

06. Residue Risk Manangement

Sale calves must residue free

07. Health Management

Focus on prevention for calves that thrive

08. Weaning Management

Prepare calves well for weaning

09. Care before Transport and Sale

Make sure calves arrive healthy


Technical information used in this podcast series has been written and supplied by Dairy Australia.







The production of this podcast series is supported by funding received from the Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Service and Indigenous Affairs.