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Subtropical Dairy - Your levy at workSubtropical Dairy Focus Farm 2017 – 2019

Real Farms, Real Conditions, Real Decisions …

The Project

Focus farms provide the opportunity for farmers to learn through the “story” of the Focus Farm. This is supported by:

  • Applying good business management principles to decision making
  • Allowing the opportunity for discussion and analysis of the risks
  • Drawing on the collective experience of the support group
  • Monitoring and evaluating the outcomes of the decisions that are made
  • Using the visibility of decisions made to support a wider audience of farmers

Dairy farmers making complex decisions is not new but what is adding to the complexity is the increasing level of volatility in the operating environment making the outcomes of decisions more uncertain. Whether that increased volatility is due to markets, costs or seasonal conditions, there is a real need for decision support that will allow farmers to be more confident about the decisions they need to make. Our focus is on improving farmer decision-making, management of risk and increasing farm profitability.

Focus farmers are selected through an application process and supported over the two years that they are in place as a Focus Farm by senior advisers and a support group made up of other farmers, service providers and people selected by the focus farmers. The support group meets throughout the year and typically two open days are held for other interested farmers to get a close look at the Focus Farm’s progress.


Subtropical Dairy Focus Farm 2017 – 2019 – Paul and Jo Judge, Gowrie Junction Queensland

Paul has a long history in the industry, working his way up through a dairy apprenticeship to farm management positions. Jo and Paul started their business in July 2014.

They have recently resigned the lease for the property for a five-year term. The cross bred herd is currently made up of 160 adult animals, producing between 700 – 800,000 litres a year.

The 60 ha milking platform is supported by heifer and dry cow blocks at Crows Nest and neighbouring the farm.

Paul and Jo strive to have a highly profitable dairy business that they can be proud of, allowing them to both grow their wealth and have an enjoyable lifestyle.

Please follow the links below for details on the farm and an overview on Paul and Jo’s business.

Farm  & Business Overview

Key Focus Areas

Focus Farm updates

Focus Farm Updates