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Farm Overview

Focus Farm Overview


Business Name: Judge Family Trust
Owners: Paul and Jo Judge
Address: Gowrie Junction, QLD
Leasing Arrangement: Initial lease was for three years (July 14- June 17)
Current in a five-year lease (July 17 – June 21)
 Farm Details:
  • Herd Size (dries + milkers) 160
  • Currently milking between 700000 to 800000 L/year (aiming for 1ML/year)
  • Herd’s average milk production per lactation is 4000 – 6000L
  • Cross bred herd
  • Currently calving all year round
  • Using AI and a Jersery bull
  • Breeding replacement heifers (not available for the herd until Dec 2017)
  • Have heifers and dry cows on agistment
    • 33ha at Crows Nest (can run up to 20 cows, 10 now)
    • Two 16ha neighbouring blocks
  • Pasture based system (inherited a PMR/TRM based system)
  • Pasture utilization currently estimated to be around 7tonns/ha
  • Total hectares farmed 90
  • Total irrigation hectares farmed 60
    • 20ha – double cropped for grain
    • 20ha – perennial pasture
    • 20ha – annuals
  • Owner/operator (Paul working 100+ hours/week)
  • Milking time takes on average 2 hours with one person
  • Casual calf rearer employed
  • Infrastructure
  • Irrigation – Side rollers, pivot and hand shift pipes
  • Watering takes 40 hrs using the pivot
  • Watering takes 1 week using the side rollers and pipes
  • No bore or on farm storage
  • 2 pumps
  • 350mg water licence (Gowrie Creek Scheme utilizing recycled water from Toowoomba)
  • Milking shed (10 aside)
  • Feed Pad


Business Overview – Current Business Vision and Goals


  • Be a highly profitable business that challenges and excites us
  • Establish a farm and herd that we can be proud of
Long Term Goals Wealth to either lease another farm or purchase land
Shorter Term Goals
  • Restore work/life balance – generate enough money to employee labour and have more time off farm.
  • Explore farm options for after the current lease expires, and start working towards this now.
  • Increase production to 5500 litres/cow from a 180-cow milking herd (1 million L) year-round with suitable replacements being grown out within the system.
  • Have at least 75% homegrown feed that costs less than 20c/litre with total costs of production to not exceed 35c/litre
Current Financial Position
  • To get the business started three and half years ago, Paul and Jo initially borrowed $200,000 from Jo’s parents and $150,000 from their personal savings.
  • They currently have 100% equity having paid off the initial $350,000 debt.
  • They have been singularly focused since they started the business on debt reduction. Now need to focus on wealth creation.