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Key Focus Areas

FEEDBASEImprov kg DM/ha through perennial based pasturesIrrigation, Infrastructure Feed Production
• To improve irrigation efficiency and pasture production
• Reduce labour spent on operation of irrigation
• To improve quantity and quality of forage as per herd requirements
• Grow the type of crops that will optimize the feeding requirements of the herd
• Supplement with purchased products where required
• Produce 12ton DM/ha• Have at least 75% homegrown feed that costs less than 20c/litre with total costs of production to not exceed 35c/litre
• 365 days feed supply mapped for 180 cows/day
HERDTo have a more productive herdHerd Replacements
Heifer Management
• To have a more productive herd (L/cow)
• Identify and replace lower producing cows
• To get cows back into calf quicker
• To manage herd replacements
• Increase production to 5500 litres/cow from a 180-cow milking herd
• Average days in milk 170 days
• Year round calving with 10 – 15 calves/month
• Cull 10 cows/month
LABOUR MANAGEMENTEmployee technology or labour to assist with the more efficient running of the farmEmployment
• To employ labour units for the day to day running of the farm.
• Reduce Pauls work load to have some time off
• Enable Paul to spend more time on progressing the business
• To manage the business so that it can grow equity and have good work/life balance
• Skills Improvement
• Employ labour either on a casual basis or part time.
• Spend 4 hours/week on business management and planning
• Upskill on technology use
• Learn how to use EasyDairy
LIFESTYLETo manage the business so that there is good work/life balance for the familyPaul working long hours seven days a week• Paul have some time off
• To have more family time
• To train up some labour to run the farm when Paul not available
FINANCIALTo grow wealthBusiness Planning
Cash Flow
• To do some future planning for the business
• Work out investment strategy
• To run the business so that wealth can be created for future opportunities
• Have enough cash flow to service debt, pay bills and drive profit
• Develop a business plan
• Establish borrowing capacity
• Updating actuals in cash flow budget every month